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    Serfas Seca / Vittoria Rubino Pro Tech / Maxxis re-fuse

    For some reason, I have had two punctures (not pinch flats, but objets stuck in the tire and making a hole) in the past two weeks, whereas I normally never have flats. One of the punctures ripped my sidewall apart and caused me to throw away a basically brand new tire. On inspection of the other tire, I saw a little stone stuck in it, which luckily did not cause a flat because I have kevlar liners under my tires. But still, riding around with a hole in your tires, even though it does not deflate is not ideal.

    For the moment I am using Maxxis Detonator training tires. I am looking for something more puncture resistant, although maybe it is just a matter of luck. Truth is that the roads over here are quite bad and much debris and many stones lay on them, to an extent that you cannot avoid them all.

    For reasons of budget I am planning on buying a couple of tires as mentioned in the title. Can anyone comment on one of them or make a comparison. I would appreciate your contribution and opinion.

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    I can vouch for the Secas. I would also be willing to try the Rubinos (I've had good luck with the Zaffiros). Haven't heard of the other one you mentioned.

    There are at least two other threads discussing the Seca tires. Search and you'll find those plus a bunch of other recommendations.

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    I am a big guy 6'5 and 275 and I got about 1300 miles on a rear Rubino Pro Tech, right now I have about 500 miles on a set of Serfas Secas and they show very little wear. Rode the Hotter n Hell 100 with them and two other 100K rides on chip and seal roads and they have done very well... Great tire so far! Also got a great deal on the Secas, got 3 tires to match my orange 2000 Klein for $50.00!


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