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    Specialized All Condition Pro Shredding

    I have about 500 miles on these tires and the one mounted on front is begining to fall apart. Around the flex wire bead, there is a fabric type material that is delaminating from the rubber tire. My guess is that this material is to protect the rubber from the metal rim because it is only located around the bead. I first noticed the problem by threads hanging out of the rim. Anyone else have a similar experience with this brand or any other tire? The tread is still in very good condition. Is the tire toast?


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    I would have your LBS inspect the tyre to tell you if its still usable or not.

    It sounds like your brake pads are slightly rubbing the tyre, or you're riding with too little pressure.

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    Checked for brake rubbing the tire and all was fine. The delamination wasn't consistent around the circumference of the tire and no indication of rubbing or other problems on areas not delaminating. LBS agreed and replaced the tire free of charge. Much appreciated and I will remember the favor when Im looking to spend money on bike parts. (which is too often)

    Thanks for the input.

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