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    Specialized Pro, All Condition tire

    Anyone use this tire before? I bought a pair for my Trek and installed them last night. I have never had such trouble getting a tire on before. In trying to get the last bit of tire around the rim, I ruined a tube by pinching it with the tire lever. There was no way to get the tire on by hand without the levers, they barely fit. They have the "Flak Jacket Protection", and Im guessing that this is the cause of the difficulty? Do these things stretch? (hopefully, but doubtfully) The tires are 700/23 on a 700 wheel. What a pain it would be to change a tube on the side of the road with these tires!

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    No problem for me..

    I have these tires on my Ksyrium Equipe wheels and they are very easy on and off. Does your Trek use Bontrager Race or Race Lite wheels? I had those wheels on my Lemond and it was always a bear getting tires on and off those rims... great wheels otherwise.
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    Actually they are only "select". It's a Trek 2100. Maybe i'll try these tires on my Cannondale with Ksyrium Elites. No way I want to battle these tires on the side of the road!

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    I run the S-Works All Condition's for my training tire and the S-Works Mondo for my racing tire and they are by far the easiest tire to take on or off. I have run them on Race Lites, Elites, and now Neuvation's and I have never had an ounce of problems with them.
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    I use the Specialized S-Works Pro tire and I have had the same issue, these tires are very tight putting on all the wheels I have put them on. Here's a tip that helps a little bit, put them in the dryer on low for about 15 minutes before putting them on the wheel, helps them strecth a bit. The tires also get better (strectched) after the 1st time, so a tube change is not that big of deal.

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