I was wondering about this question, based on my experience of setting up not specific tubeless rims with stans tape, and tubeless valve stems and running them tubless.

I have done this with 5 separate sets of wheels, with no problems to date on any of these wheels. 1 was alloy, 4 were carbon.

In looking at purchasing wheels today, I still get comments from wheel companies that they don't recommend tubeless, for their wheels and I even had one company (HED) say that running their wheel tubeless would void their warrentee and could damage the wheel .

This what they specifically said: The bead seat Diameter on a tubeless rim must be larger to accommodate the tighter fit and different distribution of forces that tubeless tire exerts on the rim.

Bead seat diameter larger ? This is a new one on me. Can someone explain this to me and whether this is really the case and if so why has this never been a problem on the five sets of wheels I have set up this way that were not designated Tubeless.