I thought I would share this with you guys; I can find nothing in any of the 4 bike repair manuals dealing with rim strips. They barely even make mention. Anyhow, I was having a real problem with some new Continental tires on a set of Miche rims. I noticed what looked like an out of round tire, and I checked every way I could; remounted, changed tires, changed rims. Nothing seemed to work. I was just about to admit that I actually had two bad tires when I took a closer look at the rim strips. I checked with other different rims to compare and nothing seemed out of the norm, but I was guessing that possibly the width of the strip was interfering with the seating of the tire bead. I cut and fit and remounted three times and finally, after cutting about 3-4 mm off the strip, I finally had a fit that was round.

My guess is that the bead was a little thick, the rim slot was a little narrow, and the rim strip was a little thick and the combination made enough difference so that in some places, the tire mounted just a little off. I have other FSA rims that are exactly the same width and depth with the same slightly wide rim strip and they have never had any problems, but this is my first experience with Continental tires.

Maybe this can save someone else a little grief.