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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay Strongbow View Post
    Not everyone is looking to increase or maximixe the turning sharpness of their bike.
    Yeah, I like to keep it as slow as possible since any bicycle steers so quickly. 73 degrees steering angle or less and no more than 40mm rake. Nice and stable and relaxed but quick enough for anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skitorski View Post
    The Neugent wheels I am going to order are "24" exterior. I tried to post the schematic of his wheels but it 404's. So these are less expensive light weight alloys and will be substantially wider than my current "19". This is adding weight, in the rim and the tires but I am sure I will survive the 85g penalty. I don't ride hard or often or long enough on my $399 Bikes Direct with $700 in upgrades to justify throwing more $$ at this. So Mr Nugent says with his wheels almost anything is Ok. Here's a link . ..


    Thanks for the advice and information. Better than the industry does. The Vuelta site does not easily disclose the simple width of their wheels. What I was considering purchasing from them turns out to have a width of 19mm %$#@ I also have thought quite a bit over the softer is faster and I may even grudgingly agree on that. Sort of like comparing rolling a ball bearing and soft basketball on a glass surface and a gravel road. So I hope to find a little softer ride at 90 instead of 120 psi heh heh heh.
    I'm glad you found your wheel. I would love to know how many miles you get out of them. The only thing I don't like is the reduced spoke count in the front. Enjoy them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by skitorski View Post
    Char, I have never heard of any wheels lasting that long. That is amazing. I might have had 6-7,000 miles. One year was about 2,500. Weekend rides. So I just estimated and my free map ride app got discontinued. But lots of impacts, road cracks, all kinds of badness. My weight, or mass if you prefer has to be a factor. Anyways, if I get 4-6,000 miles on the replacements I will be happy......
    Huh?? I would be p!ssed as hell if I didn't get at least 10K miles out of a wheel set. They would never have me as a customer again. And that 10K mile game ender must be brake track wear which I consider normal wear and tear. If a disc wheel, I would expect it to last much longer than that. It is not unusual for quality wheels to last 20K+ miles. 40K is less common, but not unheard of. If you're getting spoke hole cracks, it's time to move on to a better quality product. Not sure what you're mass is, but if you're a clyde, you may want to skip the ultra-lightweight wheels all together unless you don't mind replacing wheels a lot.

    Quote Originally Posted by skitorski View Post
    So a "23" is a 23mm wide rim ////////////////////?????????????????????

    Exterior ????????????????????????????

    Should be a universal term.
    Hah! Nothing is universal regarding wheel and tire sizes except possibly that print on the rim itself that uses the ETRTO 622x??. That ?? would be the internal width which is the one that matters as that will make the difference between whether your tires fit between your stays or not. External width is a useless measurement, but is still used to market to the aero fans.

    Quote Originally Posted by skitorski View Post
    If I order a 205/55/15 tire from anywhere in the world in any language and ship around the equator twice, I have a 100% chance it will fit my wheel and car. Bike wheel, still don't have a straight answer.
    Mostly yes. But just for S&G's, go to sometime and look up specs on two different 205/55/15 tires. You will find slight differences in width and diameter between, for example, a Michelin vs. a Goodyear vs. a Yokohama, etc. But yes, I get your point that the sizing methods for cars is universal. Definitely not so for bikes!
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    Yes Lombard, I always use Tire Rack Specs to check rubber. Only reliable place I know for dimension, weight, rim fit, and even country of manufacture. Unfortunately for us cycling consumers, there is no such resource.

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