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    Tufo S3 Lite vs Vittoria Corsa Evo

    Dear wheel and tubie experts.

    Last cross season I built me a set of Dura Ace 7800/Mavic GP4 tubulars, set them up with Challenge Fango tubulars and rode them the full season. They are great and look cool.

    So now I am tempted to try tubulars on the road for standard training or group rides. I lknow about all the pros and the cons of riding tubulars but I'd like to experience it. So I built me another wheelset with same components ( DA/GP4 revolutions/comps in DS )

    The wheelset came out at 720grs front wheel, 875grs rear wheel , Total = 1595 grs

    Now the question is about the tubie. I have a set of Tufo S3 Lite in 21x28" that I bought at $100 the pair, brand new. I have been riding Vittoria Open Corsa Evos clinchers in 700x23c with latex tubes

    I made a comparison and with my current wheelset ( 1650grs ) the Vittorias + rim tape + Latex Tube come out at 315 per wheel so that makes a total of 2280 grs

    So current situation without cassette and skewers is DA/Open Pro/Vittoria Open/Latex = 2280grs

    New situation without cassette and skewers is DA/GP4/Tufo S3 Lite = 2015 grs.

    That are good weight savings.

    for a comparison, if I switched my DA/Open Pro set to a 7850-C24-CL set that is claimed at 1380 grs then the total weight of 7850/Vittoria Open/Latex would be almost the same weight as my tubulars.

    I am ready to glue them tonight. However I have read in many places here that the Tufos are not good, and give a harsh ride due to the fact they are tubeless. So they reduce weight by not having a latex tube inside but this reduce the suppleness of the ride and it is like "riding a garden hose" as I have read here.

    I could try to sell the Tufos for around $100 and get a set of Vittoria Corsa Evo for $150, the corsa evo are claimed 35grs more than the Tufos.

    What do you think about.

    Should I keep the Tufos, or look for a set of Vittorias,^Please give me some insight and your opinions, thanks
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    There's a reason that pro teams, who are sponsored by tires manufacturers other than Vittoria, re-label Vittorias as there own sponsor brand. You don't see them re-labeling Tufos...

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    Even if they are lighter, Tufos ride like garden hoses which kind of defeats the whole reason to use tubulars.

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    +1 on the garden hose ride. Also, since the Tufos are "tubeless", the valvestem is glued into the tire itself and can leak at the joint. That kind of leak isn't sealed with the Tufo sealant so the whole tire is shot.
    Jim Purdy - Mansfield, TX

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