Ok so I have put over 11k on the M28 Aero3s since early 2009. I know, not a truck load, but kinda got the itch for some new ... slightly lighter wheels.

Have narrowed down my search to the Fulcrum Racing 3s. Yeah I could get the Campi Zondas ... but more coin and I dont like the look as much for the bike. I Was always eyeing the Racing 5s ... but just saw I can get 3s at a pretty decent price. The Racing 3s would drop about 6.5 oz on the over all wheel set. I would still run the same tires, Conti 4000s IIs 23 size ... But wondering if going to the Fulcrums would be that much of an upgrade. Bike is a 2013 Giant Carbon Defy Advance 0 with 105/Ultegra gear.

The Neuvations have NEVER been a problem. Still look good and roll very true. I have only had to true them twice since 2009 ... once in a crash and once when the DR hanger broke loose and ripped out some rear spokes when the DR wrapped around the wheel. Other than that, bomb proof. Bunny hopping train tracks, pot holes, rough roads, gravel and even some lite off road use.

Any improvements going to the Racing 3s? No real reason ... I just have an itch.

thanks for the feedback.