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    Vuelta (carbon corsa) 50le wheelset...any opinions?

    I saw some of the Vuelta (carbon corsa) clincher wheelsets at nashbar recently.They described them as having a bonded aluminum braking surface for heat dissapating heat during braking....which i'm not inclined to rip ass downhill and need to be playing with the brakes anyhow. They are 20f/24r stainless bladed spokes on what appears to be a pretty generic hub system.Kinda on the heavy side 2054g for the pair,but then being a clydesdale who am i to point a finger at..ha ha!
    Any thoughts....the price seems not too bad for a 50mm aero wheelset with rebuildable hubs?

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    I don't have the carbon Vuelta's, but I do have a set of their aluminum wheels, and I'm pretty happy with 'em.

    They're 30mm rims, 20/24 lacing, on some kind of generic hub, just like the 50's you're looking at. I weigh about 230 lbs., and haven't had any trouble at all. I bought 'em to use as an all around wheel, since they're pretty light, and they've got over 1500 miles on 'em so far, and they're still true, and no broken spokes.

    I looked at the 50's, but went with Mavic's for my aero wheels.

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    I just posted a thread somewhat similar. Bought a set yesterday from Nashbar for 520. Wondering if you bought them and have any feedback. Trying to decide if I keep them or ship them back.

    Thought about Mavic Carbona but too $$$. +300 or more for used than what I paid for new.


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