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    Wheels size help

    Hey! I get an old and used bike
    In new, I post another post..
    Help me to identify..

    This bike came with 26" wheels, mtb style
    I want to know, if i can use another wheel size, similar to a road ...
    Is for a fixie project. (Or if you have another idea, will be received.)

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    First off, no need to apologize for your "bad English" you mentioned in your other thread. Let's just say that your English is way better than my Spanish, LOL!

    To answer your question, looking at that picture, your fork clearance looks close enough that I don't think any larger wheel size will work. You are stuck with 26". Unfortunately, that is a dying wheel size in the mountain bike world. Rim brake wheels are now very difficult to find for mountain bikes. Ebay may be your best bet at finding replacements.

    Oh, and welcome to RBR!
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