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    Why Not Stan's in the Tube?

    Regarding tubeless tires... why not just put the sealant into the tube?
    Theoretically, that would work, no?

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    There are tubes that come with Slime sealant already inside.

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    You can do it that way but that's not the only reason people go tubeless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlandry View Post
    Regarding tubeless tires... why not just put the sealant into the tube?
    Theoretically, that would work, no?
    Because it won't be tubeless anymore.
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    I do put about 1 ounce odf Stans into each of my clincher tire tubes. That was recommended to me two years ago and neither I nor my wife have had a flat since. That is about 7,500 miles between us. You do have to replace the tube though. I was told to do it after 6 months, but most of our riding occurs between April and November so I just do it before I start logging serious miles in April.

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    I put Stans in my tubes on my commuter bike. It doesn't dry out nearly as fast as slime, and it seals holes much more effectively. Just make sure you don't lose the valve core when installing!

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    i had a hard time getting the stans in through the valve
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    Quote Originally Posted by foofighter View Post
    i had a hard time getting the stans in through the valve

    Also, take out the valve core and get that injector syringe.!KYXvoFzUhn...jector-Syringe
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    Slime doesn't work with high pressure tires. I tried a set of Slime tubes and when one went flat I aired up and when the pressure exceeded 65 psi the Slime wouldn't hold and blew out of the pin hole I had. Also Slime tubes have the poorest made presta valves on the market and will last about 6 or 7 uses before they fail.

    I don't use gunk in tubes. If you decide to use gunk get the stuff that foams instead of a liquid. The foaming action stuff will help prevent sidewall punctures whereas the other liquid stuff won't.

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