I'm working on building up a 91 Specialized Sirrus that came with Wolber GTX wheels. I had the rear wheel rebuilt already. While the wheel was being built the bike shop lent me a Ritchey DS Pro. Really nice rim and it seems as though I rode faster.

The bike shop built my new rim on my Shimano 105 hub using a cyclocross rim. (I didn't know about the wider rim before the build.) I like the extra comfort of the heavier rim for the roads I ride at times, however this setup requires a minimum of 25c tire.

I can pick up a pair of used rims, Ritchey DS Pro for $100 for the pair. Is it worth upgrading?

Sorry to ask a probably stupid question, but I have no need for Zipps or anything else that high end. I ride with a group that rides fairly fast and I am trying to figure out my best option for my weekly rides and my tri races.