I just bought a set of Xentis Mark 1's for my wife as race-day wheels (shhh! don't tell her, it's a surprise!). I've read everything online about them. And yes, I know that Faris al Sultan rode them to a Kona victory. But other than that, there is actually very little info about real world experience with them.

One reason I bought them is because of all the high end aero wheels out there I think these look the nicest. Also, everyone and their grnadmother has Zipps, but I've seen very few of these. It's good to be different I saw them at a local pre race expo and immediatley fell in love. I also have a pretty strong science background, so they seem, in theory, to be potentially very good wheels.

So did I make a good choice or a big blunder by buying these with such limited info? Anyone have any expereince with them?