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    The new Keen cycling shoes

    I'm going to have to buy a pair of these! They're SPD pedal ready and look stylish enough to wear to the grocery store.

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    we sold the sandles (keen) at our shop last year. Lots of people liked them for around town riding and bike path riding. Much more popular than I expected and the quality seems very good.

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    My wife and I love Keen shoes. I think she has owned at least 6 or 7 pairs. I'm on my second.

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    Those are cute! I could easily get away with not hauling another pair of shoes to work with those, if I didn't have any meetings I had to actually dress up for. Certainly a go on jeans day!

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    Our local shop just got these in about a week ago, along with the cruisers (not spd) and sandals. The Presidio/Austin/Cruiser fit just like you'd expect Keens to. The old commuter shoe and sandal from last year use a Shimano sole and are much more narrow without a wide toe box. The new shoes are great and have been extremely popular.

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    That feature on the site (I was looking at the mens version) is so great where you can view with a pair of jeans!

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