Cutting raw fabric cuffs

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  • 04-21-2019
    Cutting raw fabric cuffs
    I have the Castelli Omloop shorts, they are a bit long, has anyone trimmed them?
    In other words, is it the fabric that keeps the edge from unraveling or is it something about the way they cut it?
  • 04-22-2019
    Peter P.
    Trim the shorts using "pinking shears", which leave a sawtoothed edge to the cut. You could fold the hem over just once, then stitch with a zig-zag stitch, but the end of the hem may not have enough body. Instead, fold over once and zig-zag stitch. Then fold over again and repeat. Use an existing pair of shorts as a guide in how wide the hem may be, but take into account the shorts will be shorter after the job. You may wind up looking like a triathlete, and we dont' want that!
  • 04-23-2019
    Thanks Peter,

    Some clarification:
    The Omloop shorts are long short, supposed to end in the middle of the knee. They do not have a hem, itís a raw edge.
    You donít want a hem there, since it would create discomfort.
    My wifeís pair end almost at the bottom of the knee, then get pushed up. So I want to trim them a bit, especially on the back side.

    pinking shears could work, but might feel funny, and certainly look funny. Since they are currently unfinished, I wondered I I was imehing about the fabric that kept it from unraveling, which would mean I could just cut them too.
    but perhaps itís a laser cutting tool and there is some amount of melting of the fabric which keeps threads in place. If so, it must be microscopic, because I canít feel any edge or Ďcrustí.