Jerseys From AliExpress (China) - Long shipping time
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    Jerseys From AliExpress (China) - Long shipping time

    Over the past couple of years, pre-pandemic, I've bought several cycling jerseys through AliExpress. All from China. Can't beat the price, and the quality is always good. I've kept track, and the time from placing the order to receiving the item has ranged from 11 to 34 days. But the one jersey I bought this year took forever - 120 days. I'm not sure if it's because of the pandemic, or whether it's just a one-off.

    So I'm wondering if others have recently experienced unusually long delivery times on items shipped from China (jerseys or other).
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    Just received a package from Wiggle that took 26 days , typically would have come in 10- to 14 days . I was not in a rush for the items so it was still all good.
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    Not surprising. What has happened WRT freight, this year, from China is this:

    1) Normal Chinese New Year shutdown (basically late january). Every year there's basically a complete manufacturing shutdown at that time. People outsourcing stuff in the know never try to schedule orders around this time because not only is there a shutdown; but also a change in workforce and orders get screwed up due to rookies.

    2) COVID-19 exploded all over China (and China shuts down). Don't need to say more

    3) ...Instead of manufacturing resuming after #1, due to #2 much of Chinese manufacturing stayed shutdown for months. Much of it didn't pick back up until March.

    4)Manufacturers restart...and have 2 months backlog of orders to processNow....remember that March bit? Well...funny thing with that--that was right around the time COVID19 started being detected en masse in the USA....

    5) COVID-19 takes off in the USA
    5A) Trump/Airlines kill certain overseas air travel routes over fears of virus

    Right about this time, with orders leaving warehouses and going to ports for overseas shipment....logistics clogs, like manufacturing did before it. There are only so many shipping-container-boats built and in operation--bare minimum supply to meet normal demand. Well the demand hits out-of control levels....there's no more shipping-container space to spare.

    And about (5a)....USPS and others buy/rent air-freight space on commercial airliners....suddenly that is kneecapped.

    6) As part of the US debacle (ongoing)....the Federal Government sent out "stimulus checks" to people to get them to buy stuff--anything to prop up the consumer economy....

    7) What resulted, they did spend the money....was BLACK FRIDAY and XMAS level demand for many goods. Seriously. That backlog in logistics that was bad before the "stimulus checks" got much worse.

    Which lead to massive spikes in not only shipping TIME but also in rates. China-US air freight...has gone up 5X in cost easily. So much so, many goods cannot be sold at their MSRP due to shipping costs. Meanwhile, the sea-freight boats have no spare capacity/volume so ports are jammed with backlogged containers waiting to leave. Hence the delays in logistics.

    Finally here we are in almost-August...and ocean freight I think is getting closer to "normal"
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    The masks from China that I ordered for the Spanish flu arrived today!

    Seriously...I did order masks from Wish (probably same source as AliExpress) and they took well over sixty-days to arrive.

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    Bought some masks,which appeared they where coming from California eventually came from China... took about 90 days, when I inquired about the status, they provided me a picture of the shipment tracking number... it was held up in customs a little over a month.

    Recently order some quick release skewers for the bike which gave me an estimated lead-time/delivery of September 30th to October 6th... in new they where coming from China. They where delivery last Friday July 31st... go figure.
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    It depends on the vendor you're working with. I received most of my stuff around five (5) weeks but are still waiting on one bad actor. I'm on day 66 for one order. The vendor decided to split my order. I received one piece by itself after four (4) weeks while tracking indicates that the bulk of the order have not left the county. In 24 days if my order have not arrived, I will be demanding my money back.

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