Basic Bike Maintenance
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    Basic Bike Maintenance

    So I'm new to the sport and I just started riding a Specialized Allez 3ish weeks ago. I was wondering what are some basic maintenance things I should be doing after every ride, every week and every month to keep my bike in perfect shape. Also was wondering what air pressure should I put in my tires? I'm a medium size guy 5'7'' 160 if that makes any difference.


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    Pay attention to it. Listen to it, notice how it shifts, etc. These things will let you know when it is time to tighten a cable or some other thing.

    Look at your tires for cuts, nicks, etc.

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    Also, buy a copy of "Zinn and the Art of Road Bike Maintenance". It is an easy to read book with great illustrations. Very helpful.

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    Tire pressure.

    Eliminate creaks/pops/rattles.

    Do not overtighten.

    Periodically clean/lube chain... pivots, etc with something other than wd40 or triflow.

    Verify you dont have any lops in the wheels (true... side to side), or hops (up and down). And check spokes to make sure none are loose.
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    ... modern machines are fairly easy to maintain and have a good many user servicable parts installed so it's possible and to a goodly extent, preferrable to do your own maintenance (the warning from your LBS aside (we fix it, $10... we fix it after you tried to fix it $90)). Understanding and becoming familiar with your bike can also be beneficial for those occasional mechanicals out on the road...

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    Two tips

    Run the tires at 120lbs if they are rated there.

    Lube and clean the drive train a bit more frequently than you think you should. I usually spray a tiny bit of lube on the chain before each ride.

    Have fun.
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    I like to use the analogy of a road bike is like a Ferrari and a MTB is like a Jeep. Ferrari look better all nice and clean and Jeeps look sexy as he** covered in dirt and mud. While both require maintence I do tend to spend a little more time keeping my road bike "clean". Wipe it down the frame after a ride (pledge wipes do the job really well), keeping grime off my chain, wipe the braking surface with a clean rag to get any oils or dirt off of them. After a short time, these issues should only take about 5 minutes after each ride. As for tire pressure, there have been SOOOOOOOOO many threads about it and I think I can safely say that no one can agree on tire pressure. Most folks I have talked and ridden with keep their tires at somewhere between 100- 110 PSI. Check tire pressure before each ride.
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