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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordybb View Post
    I could accept that. People embellish when in an emotional state.
    There's a fine line between embellishment an lying.

    "He had claimed to be admin and was doing his job,"

    unless I missed something, you crossed it when you said that on another thread.

    What he said was "That's my job here." in response to being called a D-bag. I don't want to speak for him but it seemed pretty obvious that was an olive branch of self-deprecating humor and he was accepting the title of resident d-bag. Either way, he clearly wasn't claiming to be a moderator by implying being a d-bag was his job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaggrin View Post
    You are a total d bag for sure. Didn't know you "had a job" in the RBR forum to police all the posts. I just may dredge up every old post I can find just to make "you job" more difficult.
    You will fit right in.

    In PO where the rest of the uptight children hang out.

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    delete this, just saw the 2007 date

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    Quote Originally Posted by cxwrench View Post
    He might have been on the right track...11 DAMN YEARS AGO! Jesus, thread dredge of the year already. Take a look at how old the last post was before replying. It's pretty obvious in this case that now has though this was worth posting about. For 11 years.
    Sorry CX, I have to agree with the "thread dredger" on this one.

    As Jay Strongbow said, it's one thing if it's an outdated topic. This is a health issue which probably hasn't changed much in 11 years. So it still may be relevant and helpful to other readers.

    And the guy had a life threatening illness twice, give him a break!
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    “Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.” -- Aaron Levenstein

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