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    Sub Compact gearing to help make riding hills a bit easier

    We hear a lot of talk from riders who say they have trouble maintaining a steady pedalling tempo when climbing hills of their new road bikes. The traditionally 'tall' gearing on road bikes is a nod to the pro road race peloton and not always suitable for us mere mortals.

    For anyone running a Shimano double up front, it's worth considering the new sub compact road ovals from absoluteBLACK. For a lot of riders looking to for a bit of faster spin (especially in lumpy terrain) the slightly lower ratios 30/46 and 32/48 can be a big help.

    Hope this helps a few of you get the most out of your bikes - especially up the hills!

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    What, to cheap to pay for an ad, so you just spam us?
    "L'enfer, c'est les autres"

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    Hi, We do pay for ads. We also sponsor racers, riders, clubs, teams and events.

    In addition, we've always engaged with riders, through this and other cycling forums. Many bike and component brands achieve direct dialogue with consumers the same way. Passing on valuabe information and insight on relevant topics.
    We decided to begin a fresh thread for sub-compact chainrings, a subject which is often mentioned in others, so it's hardly impinging on your enjoyment of other threads, or the site in general.

    Thanks for reading our post anyway.

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