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    When working on improving your cadence, what has worked for me thus far, is instead of finding the highest gear you can pedal at 'X' rpm, find the lowest gear you won't spin out of and maintain 'X' rpm. In other words, don't work from the top gear down, work from the lowest gear up (just like a car transmission). Sounds like common sense, but only the Almighty Himself knows how many riders are out there mashing along at 45rpm in 50x14 instead of spinning along at 90rpm in 34x14. What's the difference? About 1 mph faster and far, far, less stress on your knees.
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    It's made with a mixture of titanium, unobtanium and the freshly harvested dew from the sweaty brows of 16 YO suburban virgins.
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    Don't forget the ground up unicorn horn. That makes it magical.

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    I hate getting my hands all greasy working on my bike so I wear a pair of latex gloves. I also keep a pair in my saddle bag in case I have to do a repair during a ride. Keeps you from getting grease all over your bar tape afterward. You can buy a box of 100 on Amazon for less than $10.

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    Out comes the rope, tossed over a rafter, a slipknot went around the nose of the saddle, and viola! a workstand that made it easy to lube and tune the bikes.
    Great story, but what does a large violin have to do with a bikestand?
    Bill in Pasadena

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    This is not a new tip-- I wanted to echo what what others have said about wearing bike shorts. I'm a beginner and the single most important thing my friends told me was to go buy a pair of bike shorts before my first ride. I was riding my friend's backup bike to get a feel for whether or not I wanted to invest in a bike so I wasn't too keen on buying bike shorts but I am SO glad I did. It made a big difference. One of my other friends did not heed this advice and I had a MUCH more enjoyable ride.

    Ladies, if you don't like how you look in bike shorts, Skirt Sports makes a great little skirt called the Cover Girl that is just a skirt---no compression short underneath.

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    On my last road bike I stored latex gloves in the handlebars. I took the cap off of one side, slid them in the bar and put the cap back on. Never had to use them but seemed like a good place to store them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OES View Post
    When you come to an obstacle in the road, push down, pull up, hop over. The first time you manage it -- well, talk about an amazed newbie.
    This is my dream, dude!

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    Woah this is my dream too!

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