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    2005 used Allez Sport

    Looking to buy my first road bike, I found this used 2005 Allez sport pretty close to me.....

    It looks in really good condition, I got the seller to let it go for $250, it is a 13 year old bike, so anything I should look for when inspecting it and test riding it. He said it wasn't used much and I believe him by looking at the pictures. I think $250 is a no brainier, but I just wanted some more experience riders on this forum to offer their opinion on the bike and if the price is right.

    Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by kazik View Post
    anything I should look for when inspecting it and test riding it.
    Pretty much the frame, wheels, and components. Likely you'll have to replace the tires as they probably have gotten brittle no matter where the bike was stored. Cables and casing might be ripe for replacement or, at a minimum, lubrication.

    Look for dents, ripples, cracks, or rust in the frame, ride through a puddle to see that the wheels track properly, look at the fork to be sure it has not ben bent back or to the side (wheel tracking should expose this), check wheels for smooth turning and play as well as how true and round they are. had a recent newsletter that covered buying a used bike in great detail. It's free to sign up for their weekly newsletter.

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