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    2012 Cannondale Synapse

    Hey guys, first post on the forums. I was looking at buying a 2012 Cannondale Synapse Carbon 5 for $650. I was wondering if that is a good deal (it is in good condition and has Shimano 105s). Not sure how reputable bicycle blue book is but heres the site:

    Any help would be appreciated. Currently riding a 2012 Ridley Icarus on Tiagras and looking to upgrade to something comfortable for 35-65miles+ rides, climbing, and group rides.

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    Looking at Bicycle Blue Book, $650 looks like a hefty price even in excellent condition.

    The Synapse has come quite a long way since then with major model remake in 2014.

    Personally, I would pass on this one. For me, the main deal breaker is the proprietary seat post. Cannondale ditched that in 2014 as well.
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    I would pass too.

    Probably based on the seatpost too.

    Proprietary seatposts are fine if you only lease the bike, they're horrible for long term ownership.
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