• 07-19-2019
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    2017/2018 Supersix Owners: How much gap is there between fork and frame?
    Is your gap completely flush? 1mm gap, or 2mm gap?

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  • 07-20-2019
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    2018 super six
  • 07-20-2019
  • 07-21-2019
    I'm confused is the question purely aesthetic?

    Surely you would NOT want there to be NO gap ("completely flush") since at that point the fork and head tube would be rubbing.

    As for whether 1 or 2 or 3mm is "correct" I think you can only answer this by checking:
    1) is the fork race properly installed (all the way down) on the fork?
    2) is the lower headset bearing mating properly with the fork race?
    3) is the lower headset bearing fitting properly inside the "cup" of the bottom of the head tube?

    If the answers to all of those questions is "yes" then everything is great, regardless of how big or small the gap is. And if one of those answers is "no" then you have a problem, regardless of the size of the gap.