So I can't quite say that mine is a restoration, as I don't intend to put much effort into shining up the vintage 12-speed Shimano 105 drivetrain, but my 1987 Specialized Sirrus frame is back from the painter and I'm brushing the dust off the old parts and hastily throwing them back on the bike.

The bike came to me many shades lighter than I recall when I first laid eyes on them, new, in bike shops in 1987 as a wide-eyed newly-teenaged bicyclist who wanted to start racing after seeing the movie "American Flyers." The original paint on this one was in awful shape, somewhat powdery/dull. The bike I ended up with as a teen--a Christmas gift from my parents who were trying to keep me occupied in healthy pursuits--was a red 1987 Sirrus, ultimately 2 frame sizes too big because I abruptly stopped growing right after Christmas when she arrived. That was a beautiful bike and the red "American Flyers" paint scheme was something to behold, but I'd always had a thing for the aqua Sirrus with white headtube, white cable housings, and white bar tape and Turbo saddle. The frame alignment and paint work was done by Element 6 and is mostly true to original form, with one little detail different than the way these came from the factory (I'll let readers try to find it.) Super paint work and the bike is essentially the same color I recall on these when they were sold new. Best of all, this frame is the right size. :-)

The "decals" on this bike are actually painted and look simply awesome up close. John and his wife at Element 6 had to design these by hand and they appear to be a doggone good copy of the original decal work. I have an Allez SE of the same vintage--all original--and decal size, style, etc. on the refinished Sirrus seem pretty much dead on vs what came from the Specialized factory.

I await some cables, a clean chain, crankarm/chainring installation, and a front derailleur clamp (I'm using a braze-on front derailleur vs the original clamped setup), and time to wrap the bars. Have already managed to make one minor scuff on the frame while installing the rear derailleur, covered so no one can see, so am ready for more scuffs and wear once the bike and I hit the road. She'll likely become a museum piece before too much battle damage from use occurs.

Wheels are Mavic Open Pros with DT double butted spokes...believe they are Race versions up front and Competition in different gauges between front wheel and rear.

Here are some pics of the project so far. I'll post the final results sometime down the road when things are complete. Though she's starting out with a white Turbo saddle and white bar tap (both borrowed from my son's Allez SE just for some true-to-original photos), she may be wearing a light brown Nubuck Turbo saddle and similarly-colored cork bar tape by then.