Any Fuji Team Experts- Help w/ Decison on Model - Team vs Team Pro /Components
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    Any Fuji Team Experts- Help w/ Decison on Model - Team vs Team Pro /Components

    I have decided for the money - best value for components and the bike fits me to go with Fuji bike at Perfomrance store.

    They have several models and not sure which one to go with. Anyone gone through the analysis of these. Service / Advice is not so good so I have to make decision.

    You can not really swap out parts etc.

    Some questions are on:
    Bike: Pro vs Pro team, Pro team 2.0, Pro Team RC
    Sizing - 52 and 54 both feel pretty good.
    105/5 vs ultegra mix vs ultegra/diore
    wheels - best set are Shimano 550s - are these even worth having or will I need to upgrade
    06 vs. 07
    C4 vs C7 carbon
    Different Cranks and brakes

    End goal:

    Good road bike to do some Sprint Triathlons and Time Trials with ( not competitive). I weigh 190 - mention this as to wheels.

    I would rather get it set up right from the start.

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    Given the two, go with the C7 carbon frame; even though both the C7 and C4 are rated at 1.8g/cm^3, the C7 has a tensile strength of 580kg/mm^2 vs 500kg/mm^2 for the C4.

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