Anyone know what kind of steel Specialized "Direct Drive" is from early 90's?
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    Anyone know what kind of steel Specialized "Direct Drive" is from early 90's?

    I have an '92 Allez Frameset in very good condition.. Anyone know what kind of steel the frame was made out of? The sticker says "Direct Drive" steel.

    I'm debating over whether or not to have the frame stripped and repainted... just wasn't sure how the quality of this frameset compares to the fancy newer ones available (waterford, etc..)?

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    Direct drive is in reference to the shape of specialized's chainstays, and is a marketing gimmick. The steel used will not be as fancy or as sexy as the newer alloys on the market such reynolds 853 or true temper OX, but it will do the same thing.
    If you want a steel bike made out of the newer thinner walled steels, buy new. For a nice steel bike if you like vintage bikes, that specialized would work.
    Make sure it fits, thats the most important part of any bike.
    I personally would buy a new bike as you can get a new bicycle of equal or greater quality than that specialized for not that many pennies.
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    pretty certain it's just generic 4130. the "Direct Drive" is just the marketing name they gave it, refers to having it drawn to their specs; tubing diameters, butting, shaping, etc, to differentiate it from your basic cro-moly tubeset.

    it's not fancy like the Waterfords and so forth, but there's not a damn thing wrong with generic cro-moly steel, except it'll build up into a bit heavier frame. Still offer a nice ride that you'll know is steel.
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    Cool. I happen to have the same frame, tho nothing special matching fork (sloping crown). I turned mine into a single speed. I'm not crazy about the vertical dropouts but I like the way the seat pin joins behind the seat post. The ride isn't great but it isn't bad either. A little portly but different than all the other off the shelf single speed/fixies I see around. Thanks to Rubber Lizard and Rufus for the info about the material.

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