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    Argon 18 Krypton Xroad & others questions

    Looking for me info or anyone with experience with this bike. I've gotten back into cycling after a prolonged absence. Picked up a steel touring bike at the beginning of the year that I've been using/enjoying to do a little of everything. Commuting/Grocery Runs/Bike path with kids/Daily 30 mile excercise rides & longer stuff on the weekend.

    At the point where I want to add something else to use for faster paced riding. Focusing on disc brakes (I like them) and being able to fit at least 28mm tires. This has me mostly looking at "endurance" bikes. Came across a 2017 Argon Xroad Ultegra Di2 with a decent discount. However I can't find much in the way of experience based opinions on the bike. My concerns are basically it uses QR and post mount discs. I've noticed most of the bikes I've been looking at are TA and flat mount.

    My current touring rig has QR and post mount and hasn't been an issue to this point.

    Unfortunately test riding isn't really a possibility for this bike or any other. 2 local shops are Specialized & Trek respectively. They don't keep much stock on hand b/c small population. Visiting other shops requires getting on a plane. Also I'm 6'3" so a little on the taller side and shops I've stopped in on recent travels haven't usually had what I was looking to try on hand in an appropriate size.

    Other models I've consider are Specialized Roubaix (Comp or Expert), Trek Domane Sl6 disc, Cannondale Synapse Carbon Disc (Ultegra SE or Ultegra DI2), BMC Roadmachine O2 Two. Had a couple non endurance models pitched to me that are said to be a comfortable ride for what they are: Trek Emonda SL6 Disc, BMC Teammachine SLR O2 Two Disc, Scott Foil 20 Disc.

    These bikes are all in a similar price range @ 4K or less. As best I can tell weight in their stock config will also be relatively close. My primary use will be for fitness riding at a faster pace then I am currently & getting into some group rides. Will probably also dabble in some triathlons, just for fun not for competition (Excellent swimmer, enthusiastic cyclist, reluctant runner). Riding terrain is mostly rolling terrain on road surfaces ranging from average to poor. There is only a couple opportunities for sustained climbing/descending.

    New to forums & I apologize for long winded post. Just trying to get some more information to use since I am limited in my ability to actually go and ride these bikes prior to purchase.

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    I would say that QR with post mount is already out dated for a road bike. If you want something more future proof, I would look at the other options you mention. I have not ridden any of them, but the Trek domane continuesly gets stellar reviews.

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    Thanks for the response. I was leaning that way, but the discounted price was good so made me think twice.

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