Bent Dropout (Steel Frame)
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    Bent Dropout (Steel Frame)

    I have a frame that was damaged in shipping due to improper packing. Can dropouts on a steel frame be straightened and realigned if slightly bent, and are they reliable once that is done?

    Is this something a local bike shop can do correctly, or do I need to find a framebuilder?

    At present, unable to get the rear wheel onto the bike...

    Thanks in advance for helpful replies.

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    Yes; that's one of the benefits of steel frames.

    Any bike shop with the knowledge and tools should be able to do it. Heck; I have a pair of dropout tools!

    Depending on how much they are bent will determine if, after they are bent back, if they'll eventually fail. But don't worry; a broken dropout will not be catastrophic nor will it leave you stranded. You'll be able to ride it home. I speak from experience.

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    Like Peter P sez. They're made from soft steel so not brittle to have the ability to be straightened.
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    +1 on being able to ride it home. In my case I thought I had broken the rear axle, but it was the dropout. Guess the skewer held everything together and I made it the 20+ miles home.

    Easy job for most shops with the correct alignment tools.

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    One of the many advantages of a steel frame. The only drawback is you canít use it as an excuse to n + 1.

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    Is this a frame you bought and it was damaged? Whether it CAN or CANNOT be straightened, I would contact the vendor about exchange. Improper packaging is their fault. You didn't pay for a damaged frame, did you?
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