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    Which Bike

    Just wondering I’m trying to decide between a 2018 Cervelo R3 or 2018 Tarmac Expert both with DA and on sale. What do you think?

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    Both good bikes, ride them and see. No way I would look for advice on a forum about something like this. Cervelo vs a Walmart bike? Sure. This is a decision you need to make.
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    This question is useless without knowing what colors they are?
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    Test ride them both and buy the one you like the feel of better and the one that fits you better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lombard View Post
    Test ride them both and buy the one you like the feel of better and the one that fits you better.
    That's #1.

    If the both ride/feel/fit the same....

    Pick the one from the shop you like the best. Which one has the better customer service.

    If they're from the same shop, or the shops are equal...

    Then ya gotta get nit picky.

    It looks like the Tarmac comes with the S-Works FACT seatpost. It's a proprietary D-Shape seatpost. That would be the deal breaker for me. I'm not a fan of proprietary stuff on my bikes. I'm not an expert on that seatpost, but I believe I've read people having issues with the clamp mechanism holding tight.

    Which one will take the largest tire size?
    Looks like the Cervelo comes with 25mm tires and website says fits up to 28mm.
    And the Tarmac comes with 26mm tires. I couldn't find how large it would handle.
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