Cervelo R3

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  • 06-12-2019
    Cervelo R3
    I am researching my next bike purchase. I am looking at a Specialized Tarmac Comp and a Cervelo R3. The seem to be somewhat comparable, but the Cervelo is $1000 more. A few hundred here and there I can understand from brand to brand, but $1000? What am I missing?

    Is the R3 a bike held in high regard? It doesn't seem to be talked about a lot.

    I currently have a 9 year old Cervelo. The feeling around Cervelo seems to have greatly changed. When I got that bike, it felt, at least to me, like Cervelo was held in high regard and discussed widely. Now, it seems like others brands fill that role, but Cervelo seems to be just another bike brand...that still commands a higher price. Is it just me?
  • 06-12-2019
    I'm seeing the R3 for $3750.00 and the Tarmac Disc Comp for $3500.00.
  • 10-15-2019
    The more important point is to get properly fitted. Figure which frame fits best on it's smallest size for you that has room for adjustment. Pay some attention to head tube lengths because this Stack/Reach, because this will most effect your positioning in regards to reaching the bars and how aero/upright you'll be.
    I'm not up to date with Specialized sizing. They used to run in half sizes e.g 54.5 etc...
    I think the Specialized run smaller than Cervelo's.

    I have a 2015 Ceverlo R3, the one with the white TT & flat black. The original 2013 was warrantied. The rear drop outs warped and the rear wheel ended up rubbing the left stays. So I got a nice newer model with Electronic Shifting cabling for free.
    I reall notice the difference from the 1st R3 to this one, and love it. The internal cable routing is a lot easier on the R3 than Specialized. I've wrenched on both. And I've been able to go way longer without having to change my shift cables on, plus I use high end Yokohama cable housing set, very well sealed.

    So that's my novel