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    Looking at yingbike frames on eBay. Does anyone have feedback on them? Did a search here but didnít find anything.

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    Did you weigh the frame/fork/seatpost? The aliexpress description doesn't give the fork and seatpost weight

    Quote Originally Posted by Rone69 View Post
    Hi to all,
    I'm happy to introduce you my new chinese bike, it's a Fasterway Classic frame, with Ican FL40 wheelset, yesterday I rode the bike for the first time, I'm so happy, the frame is more reactive and more comfortable than my Fondriest R20, the direct mount are an advantage not trascurable .

    Fasterway Classic (seatpost included)

    Ican FL40 No Logo

    Ultegra R8000 (direct mount brakes)




    Selle Italia Superflow lL3

    Time X-Pro10

    speed cadence sensor:
    Sigma R2Duo

    Smartphone Mount:

    Weight 7,0kg (without bottles and smartphone)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jockstick View Post
    Did you weigh the frame/fork/seatpost? The aliexpress description doesn't give the fork and seatpost weight
    Frame 900gr
    Fork 375gr (uncut)
    Seatpost 186gr

    With Ultegra R8000 (mechanical) and Ican FL40 wheels th final weight is 7.0kg without bottles and computer
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    Hi Everyone. New Poster here.

    I'm trying to build my first Carbon Disc Frame Road Bike... Don't know if I need AERO or Regular.. I am leaning towards DENGFU. They have only a few disc frames:

    R06 Disc
    R06 Disc
    R12 Disc

    The R12 looks too futuristic and not sure I like the 1-1/2" straight steerer tube... and the integrated handlebar... not sure what i'd have to do to get a proper fit... so I like to stay flexible to swap parts, different stems and handlebars if need be.

    On the R06, I'm not sure I like the clamp that holds the seat post. Anyone has had issues with that? And I have a feeling the front axle needs a 15mm x 100mm axle...

    I'm not a racer but looks matter to me. Probably I'll go with a matt Black w/Clear coat or maybe Glossy BK with no names.

    I'm 60 Male, 168 cm and 88 Kg. With an inseam of 81 cm... My flexibility is 2 out of 5.

    My current bike is an allroad BIANCI that's alumimum with 105 Disc groupset. I have repaced the knobby 35mm tires with 28mm Conti's... Now it looks a bit weird with all that space around the top of the fork... and it's heavy -- around 23 Lbs.. (I've got a 11-42T Cassette in the back: Deore XT M8000 using a Wolftooth Road Link to fit it).

    Anyway, I'm partial to the FM099 or the R02 Disc; but apart for the many reviews I've seen of the non-disc FM098 and R02 version, there is absolutely nothing on the disc versions anywhere to get some comfort.... ANY opinions/help???? Would to see some finished bikes with these frames... anyone knows what brands they are imitating?

    I want to build this new bike with a Shimano R8020 Groupset. I've already ordered a Yoeleo C50 (27mm wide version to use it with a 28mm tires) DB Pro wheel set with Sapim CX and DT Swiss 350 Hubs and 28H custom holes. Also 12x142mm back, and 12x100 Front thru axles. I am hoping to use them on my Bianchi and eventually on the new road bike... So I hope the tires will fit the new frame...

    Looking forward to hearing from anyone. Thanks. Any other options welcome.
    Chinese Carbon Thread and Ebay direct version 7.0-img_6440.jpg Chinese Carbon Thread and Ebay direct version 7.0-img_6285.jpg Chinese Carbon Thread and Ebay direct version 7.0-img_6289.jpg
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    Anyone have experience with "Spcycle" aka "Desal Sports Equipment Co., Ltd."? They seem to sell the same frames as BXT and Tideace at a slightly lower price.

    I'm looking at this frame in particular

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexss View Post
    So I finished the build, was a shame I had to use the old chainset its got millage marks but tough nuts the mrs already has a gun to my head.

    The only genuine issue I have is that the seat post is undersized but from reading around this can be a common thing for carbon posts and especially aero shaped posts, even with an excessively tightened wedge.

    On the first ride out I had to stop twice and lift it back out. I settled on fixing it buy adding a double height and double layer of black PVC insulation tape around the clamp area for the wedge to bite into and also a single height single layer around the bottom which only just slid in to prevent back and forward movement inside the frame pivoting from the clamp point so it cant wiggle its-self down.

    I ran the cables through the plastic liner as I didn't want rub on the inside of the frame but the plastic cable guide attached to the bottom bracket was positioned in a way that caused a sharp kink so in the end I had to remove the guide and trim it for the rear mech to function nice and smooth.

    Only been out on her twice in less than favourable conditions but I can tell you she is very fast. I upgraded from a relatively standard alloy frame with carbon fork which was not much heavier. The aero lines defiantly work wonders over 20mph.
    How is the frame holding up? I bought the same one (in glossy black) and am anxiously awaiting a shipping notification.
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    I can't get onto the Long Teng website ( Anyone know what's going on? Chinese New Year has been over for a while now.

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    Has anyone tried the integrated flat-bars commonly found on alibaba, Amazon and ebay?

    I'm just talking about the common ones that sometimes have the 'TOSEEK' label on them, perhaps other labels, but also can be found with no label. I found the exact 'TOSEEK' brand bar/stem combo that is listed on Amazon on ebay, and that doesn't have any named brand on the carbon fiber for the ebay offering.

    This is for an upright gravel-rider, so I'm really, really not worried about the forces up, down, or tree-smacking. What I am looking to do is take off the overly-heavy-duty/just-plain-heavy stem and bars to lighten the old rig up.

    My main concern is the clamp area, being CF, and how well it flexes without breaking to hold the 1 1/8" steerer tube.

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