Entry level air fork suspension suggestions
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    Entry level air fork suspension suggestions

    Hi All, Can anyone suggest an entry level air fork to replace this one on my hybrid bike?

    Suntour NRX D HLO. 63mm. Hydraulic Speed Lockout / Preload

    I won't be doing anything extreme with it. I'd like to have a stiff adjustable suspension that will mostly be used for smoothing out the bumps on the road and gravel trails.

    This is my current bike:
    https://www.bikes.com/en/bikes/whistler/2015 (Must select Whistler 70 when on the site)


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    I'm not aware of one that will be short enough to not mess up the handling of your bike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cxwrench View Post
    I'm not aware of one that will be short enough to not mess up the handling of your bike.
    This is an issue. Another thing is you probably won't find a quality air shock for under $500. Suntour shocks are very entry level and not really made to last very long unless you are an occasional recreational rider.

    If you are looking to soften up your ride, I think the best thing to do is run the widest tires that will fit on the bike and run them at lower pressures. In fact, if you are like most riders, you are probably running higher pressure in your existing tires than you need to. Try dropping your usual pressure by 10-20 PSI and see how the bike feels.
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    Suntour is entry level fork, and you already have it.

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    I've been riding a bike with that fork for a few days and it's barely better than just the tires. Very different from even suntours entry level mtb forks.

    That company has some entry level 29 forks with more travel but I'd expect them to be ill suited for your purpose, because your fork is designed for that.

    I would try 40mm tires with less pressure first. Then maybe talk to suntour to see if they have replacement springs or another fork.

    Elsewise, try Amazon.
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    Suntour does have an upgrade program for their OEM forks, but none of the models available appear to be suitable for hybrid use.


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    A Rockshox Recon in 80mm would probably be fine, and it works probably not disturb handling too much. You can probably still fit 700 wheels with 35-40 tires in the 27.5 version to keep handling as close as possible.
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