It/he seems like a decent outfit. I like his offerings, and his work looks pretty nice. Some are really nice. I like the idea of riding an elderly looking bike made of Life tubes and running a 10s Campy flatbar drivetrain. Yeh, I'll race ya Kona-boy!

I already know that there is a long lead time on them. Any other experiences, thoughts, opinion?

Secondarily, there is this problem with the bars. I am living in a post-back-surgery world, in which I cannot ride regularly on my drop bar bike without some consequences. Fortunately (for me), I happen to like the look and feel of the old sweptback bars, and I have some upside-down Nitto sweepers on a semi-commuter I have now.

The problem is that it seems like geometry that was designed for drop bars doesn't necessarily work on swept-backs, at least in my limited experience. My dealer said that if the sweepers come back as far as the drop bars go forward, then you should be in a geometrically equivalent position and handling/responsiveness should be the same. I believe he is thinking about theoretical leverage, bar length, extension, etc.

However, on my semi-commuter Bridgestone, the swept bars make the response, and handling, much more squirrely. Given, the Bridgestone was never a De Rosa as far as handling was concerned, but it is not so good now. Any thoughts on this sweeper bar geometry/size/etc. thing? Thanks in advance, folks.