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Thread: Fake or real?

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    Fake or real?

    Fake or real?-4a50d665-627a-40ab-85b4-e0e2c0642f76.jpegAny thoughts?

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    Thats about all you are going to get with that one, crappy photo.

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    Check the official Pinarello website for color and decal options on Dogma 60.1. If this one doen't match any of the legit ones, then it should give a better idea.

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    Well here's a list of thing you can do to determine its authenticity

    1. Check past records if there was such a model with that exact colour combination

    2. Check the serial number. If the brand website doesn't have you could always drop them a Facebook message and they will be more than willing to run the numbers

    3. Was there any paper work that accompanied the bike? Did the person got it at an authorised dealer etc.

    4. How much did you paid for it. Price is can be a indicator if it is the real thing or not.

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    As has been said, tough to tell for sure from the photo, but I don't see this color scheme out there on the web anywhere and it doesn't look Pinarello-like. The seat- and chain-stay decal placement also looks wrong and there's something wonky looking about the head tube. I could be wrong since I wasn't big into Pinarellos in the vintage it looks like this was from 2010-2011-ish??? But... I'm going to say... Chinarello.

    Best bet is to just run the serial # with Pinarello. I'm sure they'd like to know if there's a fake circulating out there and where it came from.

    If this is an eBay/Craigslist ad, and this is the only picture available, I'd also be a bit suspicious. If it's the real deal, I'd have to think they'd have more pictures including of the serial # plate.

    Best advice overall though is if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. It's easy enough these days to figure out what price to ask for one's bike, and most people start high and negotiate down rather than low-balling an ad unless they need bail money or something .
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