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Thread: Felt Z4 2014

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    Felt Z4 2014

    I spotted what I think is a good deal for a felt Z4 (year 2014) at 1100$. No scratches or damage and the bike has ridden for 700km more or less.
    It comes with SRAM rival, 50/34, 10 speeds and shimano R500 wheels.
    I've never experienced SRAM though but after some reading I guess it's pretty much equivalent to shimano 105. I could also upgrade it later.
    So I would buy it basically for the frameset (UHC performance grade) which is not bad and the bike has great reviews too. And I plan to use it for long rides and triathlons (40km and more).
    What do you think?

    Z4 - Felt Bicycles

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    I recommend having a LBS check the bike BEFORE purchasing. They will also determine if the bike is the proper size for you. I'm not sure what you mean by "equivalent". Price range? Build quality? Shifting? Sram shifts different than Shimano. Some people like it better, some like it less and some don't care. I recommend trying it before purchasing.

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    Fit is the main thing you want to check. An uncomfortable bike is bad no matter what it has on it.
    I prefer SRAM to Shimano. I've ridden years with Rival. For what your riding the first thing I'd look to upgrade is your wheels, if you feel you have to spend extra money on a barely used bicycle. Get it checked out by your LBS as well.

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    Yes I meant equivalent in terms of price range and quality. For sure I have to try it beforehand

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    I'll agree with the others here. Have your bike shop go over the frame with a fine tooth comb to check for any cracks. And make sure it is a good fit for you. A bike that doesn't fit is only a good deal for the seller, not the buyer.
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