Frame disc tabs and paint. Potential removal
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    Frame disc tabs and paint. Potential removal

    So just got a specialized Allez Sprint. Was having some issues mounting some TRP Spyers. Started to think maybe the paint is pitting causing the brake set to have some “memory”. Not sure the frame needs facing which is a crazy expensive tool but wondered if getting the paint off is a start. Don’t want to damage the rest of the frame though. Any thoughts?

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    Paint on the disc tabs will give you all sorts of grief. The tool is expensive, but most shops have one and the fee to remove the paint will be much less. I've also found that the paint on the caliper itself will get indented to match the frame if the bolts are over tightened, causing this "memory" issue. I have to file the paint on the caliper tabs down on a ton of brakes to get them to adjust correctly.

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