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    Hi. New here! Need to know what my ride is.

    Hi. New here. Love it and like reading, etc.

    I have been riding a fixed gear bike in LA for about 8 years now (fun, fun). Been through different bikes.

    Have a 3 speed Direct bikes, nice when I have some hills, but otherwise fixed and only fixed (If it ain't fixed, its broken, right?)

    Anyhow - so been riding this bike over a year. No name brand, nothing. But I could tell when I got it it was nice. Tight track geometry. It had pista bars and a nitto stem when I got it. I put the brooks saddle on it just recently (nice, invest in one if you can).

    Anyhow so I got to looking at the bike - happened to see campagnolo on the drop outs. Says - Brev Campagnolo. Now I'm getting interested. What I have I been riding???? Check the cranks - Suntour Superbe Pro. Bottom Bracket - same Suntour Superbe Pro.

    No markings ANYWHERE on the frame except underneath the bottom bracket stamped 53 091 - that's it!

    Anyhow - here are some pictures. Can anyone tell me what this might be? And possible ballpark value? Its been my daily beater for over a year - but somehow I'm thinking I should be on my Bikes Direct....

    Or have a cheaper fixie and put this away!


    Update: 21 Feb

    Clearly - no name brand lugged frame

    Has a hairline crack by the rear dropout. But... I learned all the components are quite good.

    Parting it out on ebay. "Campagnolo" "Superbe Pro"
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Hi. New here! Need to know what my ride is.-img-20180218-00117.jpg   Hi. New here! Need to know what my ride is.-img-20180218-00112.jpg   Hi. New here! Need to know what my ride is.-img-20180218-00114.jpg   Hi. New here! Need to know what my ride is.-img-20180218-00115.jpg  
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