High Quality Titanium Material for you to DIY own unique Ti bike.
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    Smile High Quality Titanium Material for you to DIY.

    XI'AN AEROSPACE NEW MATERIAL CO., LTD ( XANM ) is a professional Titanium & it's Alloy WIRES & BARS manufactory belongs to the Fourth Academy of CHINA AEROSPACE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION ( CASC GROUP ), every month we supplying huge quantity high-precision titanium wires and bars (include welding wires/Bars) to our CASC Group self factories and many domestic big state-owned companies and private companies, we also exporting titanium and it's Alloy wires, Bars and other materials, products to worldwide customers for years.

    XANM hold ISO 9001 certification, AS9100 aerospace certification, ISO13485 medical certificaiton, OHSAS 18001 certification for over 10 years, our Titanium also specially have LFGB food grade certificaiton.

    Quality is the most important to every customer. We control the quality from the raw material to the finished products. We buy the titanium sponge and melt the ingot in our own factory. All of our titanium ingot is use the aero standard titanium sponge. The quality is very good. Many of the suppliers are use the titanium scrap as the raw material to melt the titanium ingot. Their price is much cheaper than us, but the quality is very bad which will give you and your customers many troubles. You may lose many customers and payment because the bad quality. So may be our price is higher than other suppliers, but our quality is much better than them.

    We will test the surface, tolerance, UT(ultrasonic) test, chemical element test, Mechanical properties test, straight test and so on. All of our tests are in the professional lab. We must make sure that the test result must accurate. We will ship to you after the test result is good. We will send you and Mill test certificate for our products.

    All of our titanium metal products are accept the “Third Party Test”, such as the SGS test. Our factory and all the workers are try our best to assistance you to do the SGS test. All of our SGS test are according to the customer’s request. We will ship to you after we confirm the SGS test result show the quality is good. You will never have any quality problem risks. SGS test certificate will send to you before shipment.

    We also have the very good service system. In case, If there is any quality problem to our products, we will change the new good quality products to you within 1 month after we confirm the quality problem. We will never allow our customers lose any values because our quality and service.

    If you are in need of any of these products or need my help, please contact me at [email protected], thank you.

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