High Tensile frame (6ku) single speed 58cm.
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    High Tensile frame (6ku) single speed 58cm.

    Opinions on these High Tensile steel frames being used on some low budget single speed bikes. Is High Tensile steel very fragile and are the welds sub par ??.Thanx's

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    HiTen, aka gaspipe, is heavy, and not particularly strong. A HiTen mtb frame will break under any serious riding sooner rather than later.

    For a single speed road bike? Just WAY heavy. It's strong enough for road riding and some curb hopping.

    Weld quality is due to the welding, not the material. A good weld, generally speaking though there are exceptions, should be stronger than the tube.

    That said, I would personally never buy a HiTen bike under any conditions. ChroMo is not much more expensive new, and used is an option. Plus given HiTen bikes are usually dirt cheap, the components are really, really bad all around. HiTen is for toy bikes, ChroMo is usually where "real" bikes start, imo.
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