Inexpansive Folding Bike
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    Inexpensive Folding Bike

    For anyone interested in an inexpensive folding bike option, I took a chance on a Zizzo Liberte'. Purchased in October of 2019, the price, with free shipping, was $399.99. Prices went up in November.

    I have limited riding experience so far, but it arrived well packed, and set up perfectly. Weight is 23 lbs. So far, I like.

    Jim D
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    It can also climb walls. That's kind of a big deal and I can't believe that you forgot to mention that part.
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    I have been commuting within NYC metro on my folding bike since 2013.

    In 2019, I bought a Chinese Sundeal D1 folding bike on eBay for $225 shipped to my house.

    I've been riding this cheap folder since June 2019, probably put over 500 miles on it.
    Very surprised at its capabilities, OEM components were decent.

    The stock disc brakes are simply awesome, I never need to adjust them since the initial setup. Never rubs, performance is no where near hydraulic disc, but more than what I need in NYC traffic, even when wet.

    I'm not sure of its weight, but for my 12-12 mile commute that involve getting into subway trains, it;s light enough for me to lift the bike to get through the NYC subway turnstile entrances.

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    I saw the thread title
    Inexpansive Folding Bike

    and thought. "What's the point? Once you fold it you can no longer expand it back to a rideable size?"
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    I think the spellcheck got the title of thread confused.

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