Junior/kids road bike - indoor/outdoor use - help!
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    Junior/kids road bike - indoor/outdoor use - help!

    Hey all
    My young ones want to ride with me on Zwift, currently have their own 24" bikes, but have issues with compatibility with trainers for Zwift.

    I happen to have a Tacx Genius sitting around I could use, but won't fit.

    I was looking to get a 650C or 700c XXS junior setup for them to grow into but wow, nothing seems to exist anymore - at least under 800$.

    I could use their existing bikes with speed sensor and cheap trainer and adapter, but then they don't get the feel of the indoor session and I have to lug the bike up and down, the ike doesn't have quick release, so not sure how that would work, ...

    I've seen all sorts of hacks, but between poor trainer support and poor bike support this looks to be rough.

    Hoping to get additional thoughts.

    I could toss the parts together, but thought a complete pckage would be better as the right crank lengths for juniors would be part of the package, rather than messing around with that. If I just built an indoor setup, I could o without brakes, etc...

    Appreciate others experiences!

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    I sent you a PM

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    I have one of these so lightly used, it's like new.


    Not sure about trainer compatibility. But it's a slick little lightweight road bike.

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    Didn't realize my email here went to an old account - now I know why I never get replies

    Thanks for the replies

    My kids have bike with 24" wheels, I saw that Trek when I was looking for the ones I got them and it was nice. Good choice! Unfortunately the 24" wheels are an issue. 8 speed may prove troublesome for direct drive as well.

    Thanks for the PM - looking for something ore off the shelf - I need 2 and need to keep them the same, you can imagine if one has something or better than the other...

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