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    I am on the quest to find a new bike and asking for opinions. I recently posted about Alchemy however got very little response. While researching I found another frame that caught my eye, the Litespeed Ultimate Road.

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Litespeed. Looking for the difference between the T1sl and the ultimate. I really like the look of the ultimate and its partially painted frame.

    What say you or should I look elsewhere. So many options are making it hard to pull the trigger on one.


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    It really depends on the performance parameters you're looking for.

    I'm not a fan of painted ti, simply because the bare metal cleans up so easily and doesn't show damage (rock hits, scrapes) as much. Even downtube stickers I generally pull off as they start to peel.

    Too many options is a good thing.

    So, what do you like in a bike?

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    I can't address the specific differences between these two bikes. My son and I have owned Litespeeds since 2008 and I would buy another one in a second, although the ones we have seem perfect. My Siena has a "paint" scheme similar to the current Ultimate which I think sets the off the look of the titanium extremely well. Mine has some kind of vinyl wrap on the frame, not paint, although it matches the painted fork exactly. I have added a red stem that matches the frame and fork color. Mine came with full Integra and that's what I would buy again.

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