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    Looking for Experiences with Planet X Titanium bikes, Tempest Ti / Pickenflick Ti

    I'm considering getting one of these. At current sale prices the Pickenflick comes to around 1500 USD with Fulcrum 7s and Rival 22, while the Tempest is around 1850 with the same Fulcrums but Force (1 or 22).

    I would be using either mostly on-road, but with considerable stretches of crap-road and gravel. Also Navigating through traffic.

    The Pickenflick seems to have received lots of praise when it was released in 2014 or so, but I haven't been able to find much at all about the Tempest from 3rd party reviewers.

    So my question to you folks: Does anyone have experience with either of these in an Urban environment, how comfortable are they to spend hours upon hours in the saddle of, how do they handle...

    Someone said the Tempest was kind of long. Does that mean its geometry is not particularly relaxed? The Pickenflick is described as featuring a 'compact' riding position, does that correlate with being more bent over/agressive?

    Any experiences you could share with these bikes would be most welcome... thanks

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    Don't now anything about these bikes per se but see the Tempest is marketed as a gravel bike and the Pickenflick is marketed as a CX bike.
    -Both should have the tires clearance you'd want for what you described but verify that.
    -Look at "stack" and "reach" on the geometry chart. That will answer your question about which is compact, relaxed ect. More stack means more upright and more reach means more reach. Keep in mind how these numbers translate to fit can be adjusted with spacers and stem. So if it's close the difference probably won't really matter.
    -If these bikes were designed logically the CX bike will be more aggressive in both fit and handling. The gravel one should have slower less aggressive handling. That's just an educated guess not a fact.
    -Gearing is probably different. That speaks for itself.

    Anecdotally anyway, I think a gravel bike would be better for what you described than a CX bike assuming we're talking about 'typical' versions of each which I think is the case here.

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    Looking at the stack and reach is where this gets confusing for me. Height wise I would get a Large frame of either bike according to their sizing chart. The Pickenflick CX bike has 597mm stack and 382mm reach, whereas the Tempest has 588mm stack and 394mm reach.

    These numbers would indicate, to me least, that the CX has a more upright, less stretched out posture. Am I interpreting this wrong? This is kind of why I was hoping to find someone on these forums with personal experience with these bikes, it's hard making these decisions without being able to test ride them, or at least hearing from another person that did.


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    You are interpreting those numbers correctly.

    In an ideal world you would already be familiar with riding a drop bar bike which fits you so you could shop around for a bike/frame with similar stack and reach.

    The Pickenflick's geo is more traditional/old-school cyclocross.

    Another more relaxed UK offering is the Alpkit Sonder Camino ti, however their builds/components aren't as good value as Planet-X.

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