need help with manufacturer choices
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    Question need help with manufacturer choices

    Hi all,

    I am a long-time mountain biker, looking to get onto the roads.

    I am not up to date on the current makers of road bikes (I know the major players- Trek, Giant, etc.). As of right now, I am doing my research into bikes, but I feel like I am missing some. I was wondering if people can throw out a few names of good road bike manufacturers (and maybe bikes) and reasons for their choices. I don't want to end up kicking myself later by missing out on a great bike. Here's a little info:

    I am looking to spend somewhere between $1500-2500 (It's big range, but I want to start wide and narrow down my choices). It will be used for training/hard riding and maybe racing. My mountain bike is a Jamis, and I am very happy with it (anyone know anything about their road bikes?). If you need anymore info, just ask.


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    Find a good bike shop you like and trust and then buy one of their brands.

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    There are no really bad bikes out there

    I think you that any bike within your budget would be a quality product. There are good deals and bad deals, good sellers and bad sellers, but I doubt that any bikes in that price range that would be stinkers.

    Don't be concerned about frame material. Be concerned about fit.

    You should be able to get an Ultegra equipped bike within that range, but there's nothing wrong with 105, especially the new 10 speed groupo.

    I would place some emphasis on the quality of the wheels over the quality of some of the other components, eg better a 105 bike with great wheels than an ultegra bike with mediocre wheels.

    The previous poster's advice is worth heeding. Shop around for a good bike shops, get some opinions, try things out. Don't pay too much attention to the name on the downtube.

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