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    New bike?

    So I have a bit of a general question about possibly getting a new bike I was hoping to get others thoughts on.

    As some backround, I donít road race at all but I have been doing triathlons for about 5 years so use my road bike for training/racing. I have a couple of young kids so to make the most of the time I have (and for safety reasons) I now do a lot of my riding on the trainer using Trainerroad and Zwift. I think I will likely focus more on off-road triathlons, so the racing aspect isnít too much of a consideration. I live in a fairly hilly area and the access road to one of the local ski fields is a 5min ride from home, so in just over an hour I can ride to the top and back home again and get a good workout in.

    I currently ride an original Specialized Venge from 2012 I think? I have upgraded it to Ultegra Di2 (not the latest version though), Reynolds Assault SLG wheels and a 2012 Quarq Red Powermeter. So a good set up but itís not the newest.

    Most my road rides will be making the most of the hills we have, and Iím not the most confident decender at the best of times. I am half considering selling my Venge and getting something with disc brakes to give me a bit more confidence and braking control when heading down some of the local hills compared to my current rim brakes on carbon braking track. The brakes end up squealing quite badly when descending the ski field access roads and I am a little concerned about heat build up effecting the tire. I have also heard that the Venge, especially my model, doesnít provide the smoothest ride. I havenít ridden anything else in such a long time I donít know if changing to something else would make a noticeable difference in terms of comfort?

    I have had a brief look, and something like the 2019 Giant TCR Advanced 1 Disc can be had for a very good price with some deals on at the moment and it seems to be well specíd for the money. Would the Giant Conduct SL disc brakes be a noticable improve on my current Ultegra rim brakes? Would the ride of this bike be more comfortable? Iím thinking not, but could I swap the Di2 I have on to the Giant, or if I move to disc brakes would that mean Iíd have to get a new shifter/brake lever?

    Or am I better to just suck it up and keep what I have as moving to a new bike want make too much of a notable improvement?

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    you would have to change the brake levers - yours are cable brakes and the Giant would require hydraulic Di2 levers. You can pick those up for about $250 for the R785 version.

    I would suggest doing some test rides on options to see for yourself what improvement you will see. The braking issues you mentioned would be improved though.
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    Just switch to aluminum rimmed wheels. You'll save a ton of money, have plenty of braking power, and no worries about tire blowouts.

    A new bike will not make a worthwhile difference. Genetics and training will.

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    To the 'ride' issue, check how big of tires you can run in your forks/chain stays and run the largest tire with the widest rim. If you don't have pot holes, reduce your pressure considerably. That will cush it out!

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    I think wheels with alloy brake tracks will be a good improvement but no where as good as disc brakes. Specialized Roubaix is a great bike as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter P. View Post
    Just switch to aluminum rimmed wheels. You'll save a ton of money, have plenty of braking power, and no worries about tire blowouts.

    A new bike will not make a worthwhile difference. Genetics and training will.
    ^This.^ I don't know which generation your Di2 brakes are, but 6800 and later rim brakes have damn good braking power on alloy rims.

    I do have a disc brake bike and they are nice (great modulation), but not nice enough to justify a new bike for that reason alone.

    As far as comfort, do you mean smooth ride or do you mean rider position? If the former, keep in mind tires have the biggest impact on a smooth ride. Choose the widest and most supple tires you can fit on the bike. If the latter, a good fitting from a reputable bike shop can make a difference.
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