I'm wondering if anybody might be able to help me out. It's time to put the old Cannondale to rest. I'm wondering if any of you might know of some good deals that are going on right now. I would prefer to buy through internet, but am also open to any info around Southern California. I'm 5'8" and usually fit a 54-55 depending on maker. Not sure if it's possible, but ideally I would like an all carbon frame (tired of taking abuse on the CAAD) or ti/carbon or something blended like the Six13, Dura Ace 10 speed, something higher quality than Mavic Equipe or Elite wheels, something other than an off the wall brand like Tommaso or Scattante, and here is the kicker...all for around $3,500! I looked into ebay and the classifieds on this site, but didn't see anything in my size worth looking at (except the $2300 Lemond in the classifieds). If anybody might have seen something or know somebody that has a new(r) bike, then drop me a line. I would appreciate it...Thanx!