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    Quote Originally Posted by kiwisimon View Post
    Typical thinking says go with the smaller size as it will be lighter and more responsive but are you after a race bike? The Lightspeed guys saw you on the bike and know their stuff.
    The medium sounds fine. It will be more relaxed and the longer tubes will dampen road buzz a touch more. Standover isn't that much of a factor on a road bike as long as you can touch the ground when at a stop.
    We made several stops for traffic lights and such and I had no trouble unclipping one foot from the pedal and standing. I canít remember the last time, even in an emergency stop that I found myself totally straddling the bike with both feet on the ground.

    Im just trying to make sure I donít end up with a super short stem and having to slam the seatpost and having it look goofy to get the desired fit.

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    Traditional bike sizing was, show as much seat post as there is head tube but with Enduro frames that is out the window and what was once goofy is now easier to ride for longer. When you're on the bike happily spinning the pedals and smiling away you can't see what you look like in profile.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fredrico View Post
    It's full of factual errors. :nono:

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    Well, it has begun!IMG_0946.jpg

    I'm going to have a shop near work press in the headset and BB, and install the bearing cups. The rest I plan to do myself. I didn't see spending $40-$60 on tools that I may not use again for a long time. They are familiar with the Cane Creek headsets and Praxis BBs, so I trust them to do it right. Had to order a new Record derailleur since my old bike's seat tube is 32mm and new is 35 (clamp-on). But I'm well on my way and should be riding it within the next several days.

    EDIT: Got her mostly put together! Still have to trim the steerer tube, run the new cables, hang the front derailleur, install new chain and dial in the brakes and shifting.

    Even with the initial setup, I can already tell this geometry fits me way better than the old bike and should be quite a bit more comfortable. Iím only ~5í4, so the seatpost is going to look a little short no matter what. Was the same way on my old size 49 even.

    Hopefully in in a few days it will be road ready so I can get some serious seat time in. Part of me still thinks a small might have been the better choice, but with my goals in mind, Iím going to give the medium a solid test to be sure.

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