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    New Felt line

    I had heard lately lots of negative things about Felt from a buddy who has ridden one for 15 years. In fact, he got me started on a road bike...naturally, a Felt. Then I heard from a local shop that Felt, as a company, has finally gotten their act together and have come out with a new way of doing things since being bought. They are now doing it more like Giant in that the frames are the same and you just change what gets hung on them.

    So I looked them up. Interesting...

    1) The FR line has EXTERNAL mech routing only. The VR has internal.
    2) The FR Di2 version is calling the R8000 crankset an upgrade from a carbon Praxis one. Is that accurate?
    3) Their new site needs some work. Some missing info and things. They don't list geometries. Well, they do, but only for the VR Di2 version.

    Hopefully this is just growing pains. Felt was my first road bike and occupies a place in my heart. Considering one of the FR, but the external routing is kinda weirding me out. But an Ultegra bike with Reynolds AR41s for $4500...

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    While I now ride Cannondale (since 2015), my brand of choice for the years prior to that was Felt. Felts were the only bikes that fit me out of the box. Raise the saddle and lower the stem one spacer and I was good to go. I'm not sure what you meant when you said they are now that they use the same frames and build them up differently. Felt used to do that. Go back to the earlier to mid 2000's and you'll see what I mean. they had the F75 (105 equipped), F65 (Ultegra equipped) and the F55 (Dura Ace equipped). All three of them used the same frameset, which could also be ordered as the FA frameset. Then you, had the Felt F90, F80 and F70 which all used the same frames. By 2010, they had so many different framesets, it was crazy. They even had the SC Scandium frame model. I started on a Felt F55, then went to the Felt F1 models. Even had the F1 Sprint, which was super stiff. In 2015, when I was looking for a road bike, Felt didn't have a Dura Ace F -Series. The F1 had Ultegra shifters and other stuff. So, I moved to Cannondale. I have to hand it to Felt. Whenever I had an issue with a bike under warranty, it was really a hassle-free experience and they were quick. Part of that I know is due to the fact I don't live far from Felt, but they were still good. It sounds like they have taken a decent company and made it better under Rossignol.

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