My buddy that sells Wiliers started a club, so I am building what will likely be my pure road ride for the foreseeable future. My criteria was good looking, pro level performance, kind of future proof (as much as it can be), good for climbing ('cause a brother lives in Colorado), and most importantly, affordable due to my other bike interests (gravel and dirt).

I ended up finding a brand new 2017 Focus Cayo Disc frameset for $500 on Piermont Bikesí eBay store (seriously, check out what they have- prices are crazy for some good stuff). Found most of the other parts I needed I needed at great prices elsewhere online. Just down to finding some reasonably priced Ultegra 8020 shifters now. This will be used for club rides, gran fondos, climbing work, and Rapha Boulder runs, etc. 30mm tire clearance gives it a lot of versatility.

Probably Holding off on a gravel purchase until next Spring because someone told me that the new Diverge is going to be so worth the wait. I was planning to go with a new Stigmata, but I have decided to hold off for the Diverge given how much I liked the new Roubaix. This should keep me nice and occupied until then.

RBR isn't letting me upload the jpeg for some reason.