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    Novara Strada

    Hello everyone,

    New member here. I've read through quite a few posts and already appreciate what a great resource this forum is.

    Not only new member but hope to be a new rider soon help from you all. I'm looking to purchase a used Novara Strada (below).

    Bike Model: Novara Strada
    Year: <= 2004/2005
    Condition: Low mileage
    Price: $400
    Post: Novara Strada Roadbike

    I've read a previous post ( of a member purchasing the same bike in a ~2001 model for $325 and would like to know if the bike I'm looking at would be worth it.

    My Experience: None. Haven't rode since I was a kid, now 30.
    Intended Use: Occasional rides for exercise.

    1. Is the bike priced too high? What would you recommend offering?
    2. Should I be looking for a compact double? or something different?
    3. What should I look for when examining/test riding? Spokes, wear, etc.
    4. Is there an easy way to tell if it has a carbon fork. How important is this?
    5. What year do think it is? I matched painted design to 2004/2005 REI catalogs.

    I'm looking at this bike tomorrow afternoon (Oct 14) and I appreciate any advice you all may have or any helpful direction you could point me in.

    Thank you.

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    Buy it! Don't hesitate. Novara is REI's inhouse brand. That one is a nice bike. If it is everything the picture shows and it fits you (even if it didn't fit), that is a good price. I just sold a 2004 Fuji Club LE with all Tiagra components for $400 last weekend within 20 minutes of posting it on Orange County Craigslist. It had a steel frame and steel fork. That Novara has a carbon fiber fork and although it too is a 9 speed gruppo, it is the more upscale 105 group. So what it's a triple. you can always buy a double crankset and sell the triple if ou think you have to have a double. If you don't buy it, I know a few people (including myself) who would like to jump on that one. I'm only 100 miles away and won't hesitate to drive for a good deal.

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    Maybe I'm too late but $400 for that bike seems like a very reasonable proce for a 105 equiped bike. If you look at it:
    spin the wheels to see if they are true. Use the brakes as a reference point
    turn the drivetrain and make sure its smooth and no odd noises
    turn the handlbars and check for smoothness
    shift the gears and makes sure everything is working
    check the frame for any cracks or dents
    Nothing wrong with having a triple (unless you live in Florida)

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    Thanks terbennet and DaveG.

    I purchased the bike for $350.

    Just a few scratches in paint. No cracks in frame, welds, etc. No scratches to derailer, bar ends, or anything else so it doesn't appear that it has ever been wrecked. Wheels spun true. Shifting was good. Seller measured chain wear at less than 0.25 so I suppose I am good for a while there. No noticable wiggle/play in fork or crankset. Everything appeared well lubed and taken care of.

    We agreed on $350 vs the original $400 because I opted for platform pedals. I may someday graduate to bike shoes but I will take the advice of many of you and go with what I will actually use for now.

    I will update everyone once I give it a good ride and can provide more detail than my work lunch purchase can provide.

    Thanks again!

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    Good for you. Sounds like a good purchase. Just to be clear on chain wear, what do you mean by .25? If its .25% that is good. If its something else remember that you want less than 1/16" "stretch" over 12 inches

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    Took it down to LBS after work and they confirmed that the bike is in good shape and doesn't appear to need any adjusting/maintenance.

    I showed my hand big time when I said "the chain rubs against the front derailer when on the smallest front and smallest back sprockets". You all very well know the reply I received was "...that's called cross chaining...". I was quick to eat the humble pie and admit that I am new.

    I found that the bike has a standover height of approx 33" which I now know is 2" higher than what I should have at my 5'10" height. I'm learning a lot.

    Picked up a PDX LOX St Helens U-lock (smallest model) and a set of lights (red and white LED).

    The LBS lowered the seat real quick and the ride home was much better.

    Plan to get a cable (without lock) to attach the front wheel to the U-lock which I plan to lock through back wheel and frame.

    Not sure what I will do for a helmet. My plan as of now is to find the biggest bike store in my area with hopes of a larger selection to choose from.

    Any comments/advice is always welcomed.

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